FAQ’s About Searching For Propeties

How do I use the Search Widget?

To use the Search Widget, simply enter the criteria you wish to search for in the appropriate fields and hit submit – you will be taken to a screen which will list numerous properties which fit your criteria,  You can then click on a property to view it’s details.

What can I search for?

Using the Search Widget, you can search by Property Type (Residential,Commercial, Rentable, Land), the City you wish to search in, Minimum and Maximum Price, and Number Of Beds/Baths.

How do I search by County?

While the Search Widget doesn’t currently support counties, we’ve created a chart which will allow you to search each county by price range.  Click here to Search By County And Price.

I’m only interested in rentals. Where can I search for those?

You can select rental as a property type in the Search Widget (i.e Res. Rent / All).

How do I save a search I’m made on your site?

You can save any search you make on our site by adding the results page to your browser’s Favorites / Bookmarks.  Clicking on that Favorite/Bookmark will bring up the search results page later – keep in mind, however, that the results are always current.  Therefore, the results may be different than when you viewed the page previously.  If you want to save an individual property so you can find it again without risking it disappearing from the search, you can bookmark the property’s description page independently.  Be sure to name the bookmark with a descriptive title so you can refer to the search later.

This is too much information! Can you help me with my search?

Of course!  You can contact me, Richard Taylor, by clicking here.  I will be glad to assist you in refining your search.

Tip: You can bookmark any of the searches on this site.
Also, please contact me if you wish to perform a more detailed search

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